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Quality care combined with state of the art equipment makes Coastal Vascular Specialists your best choice for a vascular specialist in Clearwater

Coastal Vascular Specialists was built to safety standards that meet or exceed those of a hospital. In fact, the interventional suite at Coastal Vascular Specialists has equipment which is more state-of-the-art than most hospitals in the Tampa area and is a national show site for General Electric Corporation, The Innova 4100, which is the centerpiece of the interventional suite, uses new “flat panel detector” technology to provide better image quality while performing procedures along with lower radiation doses to the patients. This coupled with the newest software advancements, allows the staff at Coastal Vascular Specialists to produce images that can only be obtained at a few sites across the country. We are very proud of our partnership with GE and the unsurpassed quality of care we can provide for our patients at Coastal Vascular Specialists.

Technology is only one aspect of the high quality care our patients have come to appreciate. Highly trained and customer service oriented staff at Coastal Vascular Specialists is what really makes the difference! We understand your needs as a patient and your family’s needs as well. We are devoted to not only meeting those needs but exceeding them!

Vascular Procedures
PICC Line / IVC Filter / Ports / TIPS

Venous Therapies
Radiofrequency Closer / Sclerotherapy / Laser



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